Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Secret Cupcakes

Major update on the cupcake search. A friend at work yesterday told me about a secret cafe hidden above a ***** in ***** (I think if I tell you, they have to kill me, so I shall keep schtum because I want to be allowed back!)

OK, I'm exaggerating. You do have to know it's there to notice it, but it's also advertised outside the PUB which is in SOHO ;)

So I went along. Oh. Em. Gee. It's beautiful. It's all done in 1940s style, with little chairs and tables laid with floral tablecloths and cakestands. When I arrived noone else was there, but shortly after me two other parties turned up. In the corner there was a proper old record player playing typical songs from the '40s.

I sat at a table near the open window (weather finally broken - ish - it was cloudy today and breezy, but still not cold) and browsed the menu. Oh heavens. So much amazing looking choice. When the waitress (wearing a little white pinny) came to take my order I chose a tea and asked about cupcakes. I was given a choice of four flavours and chose the lemon curd. The tea came first, and I was provided with a set of china crockery, a tea strainer (excellent sign as I was so disappointed that the cafes I've tried so far served tea in teabags!) and a little egg timer. She told me that the tea would be brewed and ready when the sand ran out. Exciting!

The cupcake was beautiful, light and crumbly with a gorgeous and generous swirl of lemony icing on top, which was not too sickly; there was also lemon curd in the centre of the cake. The tea was also very nice. It wasn't cheap, but not too expensive either - my bill came to around £5. Worth it I think for the escape into such a quaint little place, free from the crowds of tourists.

Shall I become a food critic? I could so do this full time...

Last night at work this evening for a while - I'm off to Croatia on Thursday morning! Via Derby tomorrow. So this will be my last update for a little while. Have a good week, lovely readers :)

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