Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Random Recent Observations

1. One of the lights in the BBC Television Centre has broken so it now reads 'BBC Televiion Centre'.

2. I saw a very posh silver car driving out of the above mentioned place with the number plate 'W12 BBC'. Director General?! Or just a very proud worker?

3. Press night at next door theatre last night. Red carpet and a queue round the corner and up the road. Our next press night will be mental!

4. Boss said that if we up our programme sales to 20% of the audience, she'll get us all an ice cream. If you're good, I'll buy you an ice cream OK?!

5. 18 people left during the interval yesterday with one group complaining so much they wanted their money back. Apparently they were shocked and offended. By the play's plot, not our ice cream/programme selling, I hasten to add.

6. Spotted Mark Rylance again. He's cool.

7. It's cold now. Definitely. This means new coat (yay!) and scarf and boots and tights and all things nice.

8. I went swimming the other day. Yes, me! Leisure centre just up the road. I did 55 lengths and for the last 5 minutes was the only person in the pool. I got out partly so the lifeguard could go on his break.

9. The Comic Strip Presents: The Hunt for Tony Blair. Nuff said.

10. And for the essential cupcake update. I sent Viv and Jo a picture a while back of a display of cupcakes in a shop window. Finally got round to going in and trying one. OMG - so so gorgeous! Great range of choices, plus they had some very cute Halloween ones in. The disadvantage was that there was hardly any seating in the cafe so I got a takeaway. The advantage of this was it came in a cute box.

It was more expensive than the secret cupcake but probably slightly nicer even. There are more than one of these bakeries in London so I'm going to do some further scouting to see if any of the other branches have more seating. I shall of course keep you posted! ;)

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