Monday, 3 October 2011

Autumn Daze?

A welcome breeze today, but still completely gorgeous. Managed to chill out a bit at home this morning and didn't head out til after lunch. I got the tube to Belsize Park and wandered in the sunshine down the hill through Chalk Farm and to Primrose Hill. There I found a little cafe where I could sit outside to have tea and cake. The cake was still warm - delicious! Oh so terribly civilised.

From there I walked into the park itself and lolled about in the sun looking down over London.

It was great as it was quite quiet being as it was a Monday. Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon in the park in Holland Park. It was incredibly beautiful but every available space was packed with people. Mostly incredible posh people too, seeing as it's such an affluent area (the houses are unbeLIEVable). I settled in a spot next to a mother and grandmother who had taken 2 children to the park for a picnic. The little boy was called Dylan and as soon as he ran off more than two metres in any direction there were cries of "Careful, Diddy! Oh Dilly, come back to mummy now! Watch him, darling!" Hahahahahaha. The grandmother also looked the utter stereotype of aristocracy - all coiffed and elegant with her blonde hair pulled back in a headband and chin raised to the heavens.

So anyway. Primrose Hill was much less civilised, happily. I decided I may as well go the whole hog and walk to work from there as I really didn't fancy getting on a tube when it was so beautiful outside. So I continued down the hill, past London Zoo and through Regent's Park. I can't remember the last time I felt so peaceful and happy and content. There was a little buzz of people about, just sauntering through the park without the normal sense of London rush. The sun was warm still but beginning to get low in the sky, and so gave everything a slightly yellowish glow. The air smelt of the fallen autumn leaves which covered the pathway: one of my favourite smells, I think.

At the bottom of the park I found Portland Place which took me past BBC Broadcasting House (such a cool building! More BBC employees, hm) and to Oxford Street!  Quite a walk in the end, but still ended up in Soho at just after 5, so grabbed a curry in the sushi place opposite work before going into work.

Another quiet night at the theatre in all. It's all getting so natural now. At the end of the night my boss annouced they were holding a competition this week with a prize for whoever sells the most programmes. Typical I'm only here for 2 days! And wasn't on programme selling duty tonight, so unless I can sell a truckload tomorrow I think I shall concede defeat on that one. Bah.

Still loving the randomness of the theatre world. Tonight 2 of my work mates were arguing about how nice the girl who plays Tracy Beaker is. ('She's lovely!' 'No, she's so stuck up!' 'Well I know someone who lived with her for two years who says she's nice and every time I've met she's been nice.' 'Well to be fair, every time I've seen her she's been drunk.'... etc etc) One of them has a call-back to audition as her love interest in a spin off show apparently. Hope he gets it, that would be too cool. Although it is the one who doesn't like her, which could be awkward.

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