Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Act 2?

So I had the aforementioned interview yesterday... and apparently it went well! He offered me the job on the spot, and I start tonight!

It's strange to think of moving on from the Gielgud and doing something similar elsewhere, but I am quite excited that it'll be on such a great show; a show that won't be going anywhere anytime soon and I will be working with two people I already know. The staff I met yesterday seemed very friendly and I even got a glimpse of the famous chandelier on stage! I last saw Phantom of the Opera about six years ago and I absolutely adored it; it is one of my favourite musicals so I hope I don't get fed up of it too soon!

It is strange that the two of us who sang Phantom at the work kareoke Christmas party should end up working there. And that James F was in the movie version. Weird fate playing tricks on me again.

Nice long weekend making the most of unemployment by visiting Bristol and Kent. Got some quality time with my godson on Monday, who has become the most gorgeous, happy, bouncing 8 month old baby imaginable. And who looks entirely like his mother.

Am so pleased that I haven't had to remain unemployed for too long and that I'll still be in theatre. Intend however to make efforts to keep seeking out whatever it is I want to do and search for 'real' jobs. Phantom has been running for 25 years (making it the same age as me!), and I do not intend to still be selling ice creams there when I'm 50!

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  1. Glad you got another one so fast! Let us know how it went!
    Is there any job that you fancy at the moment?