Friday, 23 September 2011

Garden Mole

So, have been in the new place for a day now and am settling in, having spent my first night and half a day here. Still haven't met new housemates though which is weird. Although one of them obviously felt comfortable enough with me to use my toothpaste this morning. Hm. I wouldn't mind too much, although being as I haven't met him yet I felt this a little cheeky. As long as it doesn't scale up to stealing food, I'll let him off.

As I'm adjusting to living in Shepherd's Bush, I am beginning to consider the pros and cons of living in the BBC's back yard. Let's start with the negatives:

I applied for a job at the BBC earlier this year. It was a long, tough process, consisting of 5 rounds in all to get through. I made it through 3 before finally getting the rejection. As the rounds went by I got more and more into it, so when I was ultimately turned down it was, although I guess fairly inevitable, still disappointing. I then applied for a week's unpaid work experience and didn't get that either. I just don't think they like me! Especially post- all the AbFab random draw blah blah malarky. The problem now is, every time I want to go to the tube or Westfield or just about anywhere really I have to go onto Wood Lane. Not a problem in itself, except for the fact that every other person I pass is a BBC employee. How can I tell? Well, they all wear their BBC lanyards around their neck as if they are surgically attached. Can't say I blame them; I would too. Doesn't help the jealous resentment feeling though. Walking past Television Centre may in time come naturally and without reaction from me. For now though, it comes with mixed feelings of excitement and deep-seated loathing....

OK so the positives. I do get to stroll past with a genuine good excuse daily. I act a little like a meerkat each time, darting my eyes about for any sign of anything/one exciting. More than that though, today I discovered what I suppose is called the Media Village. It's so cool! 5 minutes walk from my house and just around the corner from the main BBC building. There's this little green space in front with picnic benches and beyond that a little pedestrianised street with cafes, restaurants, shops and even a little spa/massage parlour! Oh, and an outdoor ping pong table, of all things. Of course it's crawling with BBC staff but also completely open to the public. There's a small Tesco there too, which I think is my nearest food shop, although it's clearly catering for those grabbing lunch as it's almost entirely sandwiches, snacks and drinks and has very little 'real' food. Got a few bits in though which will keep me going, not that it seems I'll ever have time to actually cook anything.

Now I'm in London there suddenly seem to be lots of people to see and things to do. Got a bit stressed last night feeling I was being tugged in about 5 directions at once, but it's sorted now. On Sunday I'll pop back to Kent to pick up more of my belongings (getting desperately short now!) and come back Monday for good!

Have been set all important cupcake challenge by Jo. This is a mission I am happy to rise to. Had to go to Westfield this morning so had a look round the cafes whilst I was there. It's pretty much out, Jo. Did however enjoy a very nice muffin and coffee at a chocolaterie, who also provided me with a free chocolate. GUH! Delicious. Worth remembering for future reference. I think the best cupcake places will be independent cafes more central though, so will continue my search every time I'm in town!! ;)

Should this blog have been called 'The Cupcake Diaries'? Perhaps a more logical name since I have not yet sudokued in Soho at all. I don't even like Sudoku. I can't even do it. Just thought the name sounded catchy and it kind of rhymed and sounded funny. Perhaps I should attempt a sudoku in Soho soon. Just to justify my name of choice. Hm. Food for thought.

Three more shows til a day off! Not that I mind at all. Can still happily report I'm loving work and looking forward to it! Had a very amusing episode last night running about the back of the Grand Circle trying to locate all of the toilets without disturbing the audience. A lot of loitering behind curtains and dashing up and down corridors was done. I realised I reminded myself of a maid from 'Upstairs Downstairs' or something. All that running up and down back corridors wearing an apron and calling customers 'sir' and 'madam'. Definitely getting the hang of it now though!


  1. Must try harder!
    I quite like the title, makes you sound sophisticated and intelligent :P

  2. Really enjoying reading this :D

  3. Perfectly fitting title then Jo! ;) Thanks both :)