Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Been a while! A reflection on the continuing busyness of life. Here's what's been going on:

Saturday was busy with two shows and then I went out in the evening to meet my boyfriend who had unexpectedly come down for the day to see friends. Felt like a true Londoner when he was impressed by the fact I found him outside the pub he was at which was miles away from where I was working but the nearest tube station was closed. In fact, I knew the way to walk from the next nearest tube stop as I'd done it before. In my memory, it was a short hop of no more than a few minutes' walk.... but I'd been rather drunk on that occasion. Without a drop of alcohol in the system the road seemed to go on forever, and I felt rather impressed with my previously inebriated self for making it that far. Anyway. Ended up staying at the friends' flat as I realised I hadn't yet figured out the night buses and so couldn't get home. That was fine though!

No work on Sunday compensated very nicely for the previous day's craziness. I finally met my first housemate that morning, who was lovely but explained he's hardly ever in, which explained his absence to date. I met up with my friend and ex-roomie for lunch - oddly almost exactly where I'd been the night before: same walk again- and then later headed back down to Kent. Was very well fed and watered by mummy. The following day (Monday) I came back with the rest of my stuff with the help of my brother.

We have swapped round positions at work this week so I've tried my hand at nearly everything now. Have also had the chance to sit in on most of the show. Can't say I'm overwhelmed by it, but to be fair am yet to actually see the first 40 minutes, which could explain a lot. Disappointing lack of celebrities this week, although I did get tipped yesterday! A whole extra pound makes quite a difference with my wages, believe me!

Met my other housemate finally yesterday too. He's a fine Irish fella' by the name of Cormac. Very nice. Had a good chat with him when I got in tonight too. He explained the difference between Magners and Bulmers ciders to me. 'Oh, interesting!' I said. 'No it's not,' he replied.

Am loving my workmates so much! It's so nice to be working with people my own age, if I haven't said that already, and they are all genuinely so lovely and fun to be with, every last one of them. We've got into a nice routine of going out together between shows on matinee days for food which is fun. Plus there's a big work night out planned after the show tomorrow. The guys are so funny - most of them are actors so tend to be quite entertaining! Unfortunately one of them has started flirting with me a bit though. I'm wondering if saying 'Don't get funny' is an appropriate put down. Ah well, he's harmless enough.

We've had understudies in for the last few days, but the 'real' guy was back today. He's a proper actor, supposedly quite famous although I don't know him. I was working in the stalls tonight and before the house opened I had to check the seats. When I walked in he was on stage doing his warm up. Well, at first I thought he was praying. Then I wondered if there was something wrong with him. Then when I realised, I just had to try not to laugh. His warm up consisted of him contorting into weird positions/lying on his back and making a series of weird humming, squealing, clicking and whooping noises. Strangest thing I've ever seen. You really can't be self-conscious as an actor.

Progress is slow on the cupcake front, although I have been trying. Yesterday I went for a long walk by getting off the tube early at Hyde Park and wandering through to the West End. Hyde Park was simply gorgeous. It was a warm, sunny day and the leaves in the trees were just slightly yellowed. The water in the Serpentine was a beautiful blue and everyone seemed so happy and relaxed. I walked right the way through up Piccadilly and stopped at a place near work for a bite to eat. Then I headed up to a potential cupcake spot at Seven Dials but couldn't find it (I'd been directed there by someone with cupcake knowhow). Ended up in Foyles bookshop (which is MASSIVE) and had a tea in their cafe before work. Their cakes looked good but there were no cupcakes, sadly.

Today was boiling hot! Had to dig out the skirt I hadn't worn since May (the last time we had sun, basically). Didn't have much spare time to enjoy it, sadly, as it was a matinee day. Instead I had some errands to run which involved going to Westfield. When I got there, everyone was standing outside - there had clearly been a fire drill. Bet the staff loved the opportunity to stand outside in the sunshine for a while! I also wanted to book tickets with the BBC to do a tour. I went in there but couldn't was told I couldn't book tickets directly with them - instead had to phone their office in Scotland. Madness.

Between shifts today we managed to make the most of the weather by having dinner in a little park nearby. It was lovely :) Experimented with the buses on the way home tonight to avoid the tubes, which lately have been roughly around the temperature of the sun's core.

Ellen's coming tomorrow! We're going to see 'Losing It' and then she's staying over. Can't wait!

Off to Croatia in a week, bizarrely! It's come round so quickly. We booked it thinking it would be nice to get some sunshine in before the winter. The forecast for England this week suggests that wasn't necessary - but of course I'm so excited about going away. We're staying in Dubrovnik and it all sounds amazing.

I'm leaking money left right and centre but it's all worth it!

Beautiful, sunny Hyde Park:

Cute bundle of ducklings!:

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  1. that's absolutely cute!
    I want to go boating in hyde park!!