Monday, 12 December 2011

Moving On

As I may have mentioned, back in the misty dawns of time, I had the Shepherd's Bush house only until 10th December. As that date has now gone, the clever sparks among you may notice that that means I have moved house.

So here I am, technically in my third London address since September. I'm in Islington, which is just where I wanted to be, which makes me happy. The flat is great, the room bigger and the area lovely. Overall I'm really pleased to have moved, but I think it would be unfair to not mention the things I will miss about White City:
  • I will miss living near Uxbridge Road, the BBC and Westfield shopping centre.
  • I will miss my funny little room, and having a space for everything.
  • I will miss the Central line and White City tube station, and knowing exactly where on the platform to board the train so as to be right next to the exit when getting off at the other end.
  • I will miss the local shops, pool and cafes.
  • I will miss my favourite walk from home to work via Hyde Park.

The Ladykillers is going really well. I have been on bar a lot so far, and it's been busy. On Wednesday, we had our press night. For someone who is supposed to be just 'bar cover', somehow I was serving drinks on both the closing night of Yes Prime Minister AND the press night of Ladykillers. Not going to lie, the shift was pretty hellish. I was on the foyer bar, so had the onslaught from the moment we opened. However, the atmosphere (other than my stress) was pretty fun: we had security guards on the door as there were barriers outside, lots of people, lots of excitement and us lot looking out for any celebrities that may come in!! There weren't as many as I'd hoped, although I did see Rob Brydon and Matt Berry. I chatted for a while to the producer and saw Graham Linehan again.

The best part of the evening, however, was the after party! We were all invited walked over the the Spice Market (a swanky Indian restaurant within a hotel on Leicester Square) after the shift. The place was packed with the cast, crew, members of the press - most of whom were relaxing after their evening, some of whom were still working by interviewing the cast members. There was a free bar and free Indian canopes being brought round (which were DIVINE, although a little too thin on the ground! At one point, someone in our group worked out the route the waiters were using and moved us all over so that we could intercept them early!)

Perhaps even better was, once I'd come back to consciousness the next day (with a headache and inexplicable pain in my thumb), reading the fantastic reviews the show had got! Here's a summary of a few of them: I'm so happy for them all!

And so we have continued since! On Saturday night, customers spent £8000 on drinks, ice creams and programmes. It's so great to be working on such a popular show! The celebs have been trickling in since too - I have seen Katherine Parkinson, Heston Blumenthal, Reece Shearsmith, and, somewhat unusually, Rowan Williams the Archbishop of Canterbury! I sold Reece S an ice cream this evening. I feel we have a bond now.

Finally, happily, my Joana is finally here and I had a great evening on Sunday with her, her two friends and Jella for lots of catching up and laughter. Cupcakes were also sought predicted. Great to see her and show her London, 2 weeks before Christmas!!


  1. Can't believe I had missed this post! YES! I was there! HAHAHAHAH wish I had been able to go and see the Ladykillers, though. And more cupcaking needs to be done! SOON!

  2. Damn right it does! ;) Wasn't the same, cupcaking solo the other day...