Monday, 14 November 2011

And in other news...

OK OK, I won't just leave it at that. I will expand and give a full update of events of the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, I just about managed to avoid the screaming Belieberites in Westfield. I was in there just before though, and wondered what he was there to do, as I couldn't really see any Christmas lights... there were some on the outside of the building, but the people inside would not have been able to see them. And there were some Christmas trees outside with fairy lights on, but I couldn't picture him scrabbling underneath the lower branches to plug them in... although that might have been more entertaining! I shall have to pay a visit sometime to see if it's anymore obvious without the thousands of sobbing teenage girls in the way.

All the lights in central London are now on. Here's some pictures:

Battle of the department stores:

Selfridges window displays:

Cool Carnaby Street:

Although autumn has nearly been usurped altogether by winter, there still are some beautiful colours around. Here's another of Hyde Park when I was walking though last week:

It's all very pretty but it's certainly getting cold!

Had a wonderful Sunday yesterday with Sophie. We went to Kenwood House, which is an English Heritage property in Hampstead Heath. It was a gorgeous autumn day so it was lovely strolling around. Inside the house itself they have lots of portraits, including Rembrandts and Constables, plus the most beautiful library I've ever seen! Afterwards, we walked up the road for Sunday roast at a pub called the Spaniards. It is one of London's oldest pubs and features in Dickens' The Pickwick Papers; Keats is said to have written poetry there, and legend also has it that highwayman Dick Turpin was born there. I don't know about all that, but can confirm it was very busy, they had a lovely log fire burning in the corner and we spent quite a few hours eating good food, drinking good drinks and having a great catch up :) The pub itself coupled with the dog walkers coming in from leafy Highgate made it feel just like being in a country pub. Perfect!

One more week left of the show! I had bar training and did my first shift on bar tonight. I think I'll prefer doing front of house, but it'll be nice to do something different from time to time. Plus there's tips to be had on bar (sshh!) and you get to leave earlier, which is nice. Missed working with my normal lovelies though.

Celeb spots have picked up again in frequency! Out and about too - not just in the theatre. I have spotted Ronni Ancona and Paloma Faith in my travels, plus someone who looked a LOT like Bill Nighy - can't be sure it was him but I really hope it was! Plus Angus Deayton came into see the show and Richard Curtis. Which brings us back to the nuts.

It was on Wednesday night. After the latecomers had been taken in, the people on front doors came into the foyer to tell us that Richard Curtis was in! How exciting! I resolved to make sure I saw him before the end of the evening. About three or four of us were left in the foyer to sort through the ticket stubs. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and a young woman was outside. Tony went to let her in, and she was followed by a guy with a large frizzy afro haircut. The interesting thing was that the girl was dressed in a kangaroo costume. They blathered on and on for 5 minutes about why they were late, the tube delays, how they were worried they'd miss the show, how they were so pleased we could take them in, etc etc. But not once did she offer an explanation as to why she was dressed as a marsupial. Hm. Tony took them into the stalls, ensuring everyone inside the auditorium could get a good look at her. As soon as they'd left, the rest of us died laughing.
During the interval, I was posted at the back of the stalls. I soon spotted kangaroo girl, but there was no sign of Richard Curtis. Then, suddenly, he appeared, clutching an ice cream! Oh joy! He was on the same row as kangaroo girl! I got to witness RC climbing over the girl dressed as a kangaroo to get to his seat. One of the great perks of my job hahahahaha! Oh - and for the record, I stole his half empty box of unwanted nuts after he'd finished them, not for some crazy cloning experiment or because I'm a freakish fan or because I plan to put them on ebay - it's just so I can use the sentence 'I stole Richard Curtis' nuts'. Honest!

So, week off next week. It'll be a busy one, but lots of fun and exciting stuff planned! More details to come.

Have done an infintessimal amount of Christmas shopping and should probably do more soon. Met up with the lovely Jess and Alan last weekend for lunch as they were in London for the weekend. Ollie has gone to Singapore and we managed to Skype on Saturday which was lovely :) I'm hoping to get out there for a visit in the new year. I am promised lots of a) heat and b) noodles.

Apple crumble cupcake is good.

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